EducAge blended-learning Course

If you are filling the role of family caregiver for your cared for — or if you suspect you may take on that responsibility in the future — this commitment can turn your world upside down. Handling day-to-day care, coping with the trials of falls or delirium, planning for medical consultations, dealing with legal and financial issues, arranging for additional care and prevent your emotional health — they’re all part of caring someone.

The EducAge Consortium with highly experienced partners from Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary have now created the EducAge blended-learning course to support you in this hard times. And it’s available to you right now for free, anytime, anywhere.

This comprehensive, immersive EducAge blended-learning online course gives you the tools, strategies, and reassuring support you need to provide compassionate, encouraging, confident care to your cared for — and, just as importantly, help to show you, how to take care of yourself. Overflowing with video presentations, interactive tests, and practical hints and tips, this unique flipped classroom course is a helpful roadmap to help you navigate the concerns you face today and the challenging issues you may face down the road.

The main aim of the 32,5 hours long online course is to enhance the competencies of caregivers – mainly focusing on for the informal/family caregivers, however formal caregivers are also welcome – supported by digital tools. The course is based on the „Integrated care for older people” (ICOPE) guidelines of the World Health Organization and it follows a blended learning methodology to improve caregiver adherence. The ICOPE guideline consists of 3 modules. The first module is focusing on the declines of intrinsic capacity, like nutrition, mobility loss, depression and dementia. While the second module is focusing on chronic diseases in older age and falls, the main aim of the third module is to support caregivers with knowledge about the financial issues, care network and also to prevent caregiver’s burnout.

The course material is structured according to guideline of the flipped classroom methodology, which support independent work and each participant can move through the course at their own pace, repeat each section as many times as they like and get the best understanding from online written and video content. Before the start of the course, after about the 10th hour and at the end of the course, we will help participants with attendance or virtual attendance sessions (video conference call) to help them with the course material and to overcome the difficulties caused by digitalisation. In these sessions participants have a possibility to ask their questions and meet and network with others who are facing similar problems.

The contents is structured with a person-centric perspective to empower caregivers to support older adults to age with dignity. In this sense, the course will strive to meet seniors' needs, address age-related caregiving demands for families and communities, and help support caregivers with easy to understand, reliable and up-to-date information.

So, let’s get started!

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